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::tall processed:urns - 63.jpg      ::tall processed:urns - 21.jpg

    Hand Built Silver Maple                                               White Oak with Copper 




::tall processed:urns - 43.jpg                          ::tall processed:urns - 45.jpg

White and Red Oak with Bark Finish in Green,  Front and Back View




::tall processed:urns - 31.jpg              ::tall processed:urns - 25.jpg

                          Cattails & Dragonflies with Cattail Dragonfly Cover              Cattails & Dragonflies with Branch Cover




::tall processed:urns - 64.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 61.jpg

                                        Ginkgo in Green                                                 White Oak in Creamy Wheat




::tall processed:urns - 53.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 37.jpg

       Burr Oak with Bark                                                        Grape in Creamy Wheat




::tall processed:urns - 01.jpg                    ::tall processed:urn grape mine 120 dpi.jpg

Cattails and Dragonflies                                                 Grape in Green




::tall processed:urns - 62.jpg                 ::tall processed:urns - 54.jpg

Grape in Blue                                                          Silver Maple in Green




::tall processed:urns - 55.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 56.jpg

Cattails and Dragonflies with Cattail Dragonfly Cover




::tall processed:urns - 03.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 10.jpg

Norway Maple in Creamy Wheat                                             Grape and Catnip in Creamy Wheat




::tall processed:urns - 28.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 57.jpg

Coneflower with Coneflower Cover                           Catnip with Catnip Flower and Leaf Cover




::tall processed:urns - 68.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 67.jpg

            Coneflower in Blue,  7”x7                    Pet Urn, Coneflower in Light Green,            61/2”x61/2”




::::::::Desktop:photo pottery urns:urns:catnip maple:DSCF7554.jpg

Pet Urn, Catnip in Green, 6”x5




::tall processed:urns - 72.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 73.jpg

Ginkgo All Around Design in Green, 7 ½” x 7”




::tall processed:urns - 65.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 69.jpg

  Pet Urn, Grape in Blue, 6”x6                                     Four Leaf White Oak, 71/2”x7




::tall processed:urns - 58.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 60.jpg

White Oak All Around                                                     Norway Maple in Blue




::tall processed:urns - 74.jpg                        ::tall processed:urns - 71.jpg

Pine with Acorn Cover                                                                        Ginkgo, 51/2”x4




::::::::Desktop:photo pottery urns:urns:catnip maple:DSCF7572.jpg                        ::::::::Desktop:photo pottery urns:urns:catnip maple:DSCF7566.jpg

Silver Maple All Around -- My Forever Home




::tall processed:urns - 30.jpg

Grape, front design in Blue, 13”x51/2”




::wide processed:urns - 52.jpg                      ::wide processed:urns - 46.jpg

  Personalized Pet Urn with Coneflowers                                         Oval Hand Built with Grape Cover




::wide processed:urns - 40.jpg                       ::wide processed:urns - 41.jpg

Burr Oak All Around Design with Bark in Green




::wide processed:urns - 13.jpg                         ::wide processed:urns - 19.jpg

   Catnip All Around Design                                                White Swan Coneflower in Blue




::wide processed:urn box grape cw small472dpi.jpg                             ::wide processed:urn box silver maple green small572dpi.jpg

     Grape Box -- Wrap Around Design                         Silver Maple Box --Wrap Around Design




::wide processed:urns - 14.jpg                             ::wide processed:urns - 15.jpg

Small Commemorative Urns in Grape




::wide processed:urns - 33.jpg                         ::wide processed:urns - 35.jpg

Coneflower in Green and Detail of the Cover




::wide processed:urns - 27.jpg                            ::wide processed:jar grape cream med001.jpg

     Small Grape with Front Design                                       Medium Grape with All Around Design



Call or email for available Cremation Urns.

To schedule a Design Consultation

for you or your loved one’s Forever Home.


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